RA roxxi

Roxxi in the "Rock Angelz" Collection


Roxxi is a rock rebel. She is twin of Phoebe of the bratz pack. She had one of her most major apperances in the "Twiinz" set in 2004, and "Rock Angelz" in 2005. Her nickname is "Spice", beacuse she likes to spice it up with her fashions and style while her sister Phoebe is the exact opposite. She has long red hair, and usually has black highlights in it aswell. In the Rock Angelz movie, and the t.v. series, she was voiced by Jessica DiCicco.

Information, Bio

She is "Spice", thats her nickname in the bratz pack. Her sister Phoebe who is her twin, is the exact opposite and she goes by "Sugar" as her nickname. Her lucky number is 22, She has a mole below her lips on the right side. Her favorite color is fire engine red, Her favorite kind of books are Action/Adventure, her favorite books are thrillers. She likes big juicy hamburgers, her favorite smoothie is raspberry, her favorite music is Punk Rock, favorite class is music. Her shopping style is when she shes something she likes, she buys it.