Meygan from the 2008 "Holiday" Collection



Meygan was the fifth member of the Bratz Pack. She was introduced as the "New Funk" of the bratz pack. She usually always has long red hair in all of the collections she has appeared in. She used to always have dark brown lipstick, but not anymore.

Information, Bio

Her nickname is "Funky Fashion Monkey". Her lucky number is 19, her favorite color is cinnamon, her favorite moves are animated ones, she loves to read spy novels she loves barbecued anything! Her favorite smoothie is peach, her favorite music type to listen to is classical. She likes to do Yoga after school. She likes to travel and pick up new peices of clothing from diffrent countries and mix N' Match. Her pet as a baby and kid is a little brown monkey.

Meygan Logo

Meygan;s "Funky Fashion Monkey" Token